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About My Calling

I call modern, improper and Becket contras (no squares or proper contras). My contras all have a partner swing and most include a neighbor swing. Within that limit, I include dances with unusual figures and transitions, that do not all feel alike. My calls are minimalist, chosen to highlight the music and dance, not the caller. I want to connect the dancers to the music and the other dancers.

I live in Lexington, KY and dance regularly in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Berea, and have danced through most of the Southeast US. I have called dances mostly in KY and OH, but have made it to BC, MA, NC, OR, PA, TN, TX, and have had the good fortune to have called with great bands including Hotpoint, Great Bear Trio, Lift Ticket, Euphor, Changeling, Free Raisins, Coffee Zombies. I have been dancing since 1987 and calling and writing contras since 1995. I have also played fiddle for dances and have set up sound for dances. I have led workshops including calling, choreography, advanced dances, and flourishes. And I have published web pages - Contra Dances by Cary Ravitz, Notes on Calling Contra Dances, Notes on Choreography for Duple Minor Improper Contra Dances.

        Cary Ravitz



phone - 859-263-5087
email -   (replace _at_ with @)


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